Body warmer gel



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Body warmer gel


Antisepticising accidental wounds with bruise and muscular pains.


Wound dressing hydrogel

Product introduction:

Bullet blue Wet area creation on wound for autolytic debridement processing.

Bullet blue Permeable to oxygen and impervious to bacteria

Bullet blue Wound secretion and bacteria absorption and clearing wound of dead cells and acceleration of granulation tissue formation.

Bullet blue Doesn’t stick to wound. Bandage can be split easily and without pain.

Bullet blue Can be used as secondary bandage with Nivasha spray, ointments and other creams.



Hydrogel can be used in these cases:

Bullet blue Burnings and blisters/wound and excoriation/sunburns/cosmetics/skin moisturizing.

Can be used in these cases under doctor supervision:

Bullet blue Diabetic foot ulcer/second degree burn/chronic wounds/plastic surgery




Directions for use:

Bullet blue Don’t use opened or defective packing.
Bullet blue Use every bandage once
Bullet blue Wash your hands before and after wound bandage
Bullet blue Clean secretion and other things around wound and skin surroundings slowly
Bullet blue In order to use bandage, remove band aid adhesive film slowly and take it away from case
Bullet blue Put hydrogel from cancellate side on wound (the side that is on case floor).
Bullet blue To be sure that hydrogel is fixed on the wound and if needed, you can use hyaline bandrole.


How to remove the bandage from wound:

Hydrogel adhesiveness to skin is different according to the kind of wound and treatment phases.
First, press the dressing on skin surface with one hand and remove preservative tape. Then pick up one side of dressing with another hand and remove the dressing from wound in tube form.



 Warnings before use

Bullet blue Hydrogel is not suitable for skins which are sensitive or allergic to hydrogel ingredients.
Bullet blue For external use only
Bullet blue The wound dressing doesn’t contain medicine.
Bullet blue Never use wound dressing and other products at the same time without doctor’s permission
Bullet blue If you feel irritation (redness or inflammation)thinness(skin excessive whiteness), excessive swelling(accreted tissue development) or being allergic, visit your doctor immediately.
Bullet blue Hydrogel is not applicable for infected and deep wounds and for second degree burns. These kinds of wounds should be cured under the supervision of dermatologist.
Bullet blue Chronic wounds and injuries: use hydrogel for 10-14 days of treatment duration.
Bullet blue Doesn’t use any other ointment under this dressing.
Bullet blue Burn (first degree)
Keep the injury cold and use hydrogel immediately.
Bullet blue Burn (second degree)
After cleaning dead tissue by surgery, use hydrogel at most for 12 hours.


Dressing replacement:

If you have too much secretion of wound, replace dressing every 8 hours. It should be replaced if there is wound leakage or if dressing angles are swelled.


How to keep:

Keep it in smooth cold and dry place.

Available product:

Bullet blue 6 ˟ 12 centimeters size